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Friendica Addon development
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====== Friendica Addon development ====== Please see the sample addon ‘randplace’ for a working example of using some of these... page requests (by URL path). ===== Naming ===== Addon names are used in file paths and functions names,... can provide human-readable information about your addon in the first multi-line comment of your addon fil
Friendica Storage Backend Addon development
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====== Friendica Storage Backend Addon development ====== Storage backends can be added via addons. A st... Class ===== The class must live in ''%%Friendica\Addon\youraddonname%%'' namespace, where ''%%youraddonname%%'' the folder name of your addon. There are two different interfaces you need to ... ss)%%''. You have to register a new hook in your addon, listening on ''%%storage_instance(App $a, array
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st is linked, so you can have quick access to the Addon settings. And finally you are informed about the ... r Friendica which have to be placed into the ''%%/addon%%'' subdirectory of your Friendica installation. ... a long list of available addons. The name of each addon is linked to a separate page for that addon which offers more information and configuration possibilitie
Installing Connectors (Twitter/GNU Social)
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some networks, such as Twitter. There is also a addon to post through to an existing account on a GNU S... (much of this information comes directly from the addon source files): ===== Twitter Addon for Friendica ===== * Author: Tobias Diekershoff * tobias.dieke... BSD license ==== Configuration ==== To use this addon you need a OAuth Consumer key pair (key & secret)
Developer Documentation
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zations created by the Friendica community. ===== Addon Development ===== You can easily expand the core... ns:start|addons]]. In the [[docs:addons|Friendica addon development]] article, you'll find information about the addon format and the hooks that Friendica provides so your addon can jump into the workflow at the different place
Filtering your Network Stream
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Content Filter / NSFW ==== The //content filter// addon is a simple filter, that matches words specified ... enshot of the user settings of the content filter addon}} ==== Advanced Content Filter ==== The //advanc... Language Filter ==== If the //language filter// addon was activated in the nodes admin settings, users ... he language of the postings. The settings for the addon can be found in //user settings -> addons -> lang
Updating Friendica
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an archive, simply delete the ''path/to/friendica/addon'' and replace it with the provided archive. ====... pull bin/composer.phar install --no-dev The addon tree has to be updated separately like so: cd path/to/friendica/addon git pull ==== About the Repositories ==== =... edge code checkout the ''develop'' friendica and addon branch. The new features and fixes will be merged
Friendica BBCode tags reference
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ely the admin of a Friendica node can activate an addon to also support Markdown. How a rich text formatt... ddons/src/branch/develop/highlightjs|hightlightjs addon]] this information will be used to apply the corr... = This requires "openstreetmap" or "Google Maps" addon version 1.3 or newer. If the addon isn't activated, the raw coordinates are shown instead. The mapping p
Database Tables
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dica/friendica/src/branch/develop/doc/database/|addon]] |registered addons ... |hook]] |addon hook registry
Friendica Installation
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e folder. <code> cd mywebsite </code> Clone the addon repository (separately): <code> git clone https:... -b stable addon </code> If you want to use the development versi... git checkout develop bin/composer.phar install cd addon git checkout develop </code> **Be aware that the
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ite * IRC Chat * XMPP/Jabber ===== IRC-Chat Addon ===== After activating the addon, you can find the chat at '''' (if your Friendica nodes
Admin Tools
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nsole'', that provides the following commands: addon Addon management cache Manage node cache config Edit
First Steps
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the rules of the instance using the //Impressum// addon and the //Terms of Service// settings in the admin panel. The //Impressum// addon adds an imprint section to the general informatio
How to improve the performance of a Friendica site
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de> rendertime </code> ==== rendertime ==== This addon doesn’t speed up your system. It helps to analyze
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o follow a Twitter member, the Twitter-Connector (Addon) needs to be configured on your node. If this is
Using Composer
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Friendica Templating Documentation
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