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-====== Quick Start Guide ====== 
-  - First things first, start with **logging in to your account**. 
-  - Now you are looking at your profile page. 
-  - The **profile page**  is the wall or stream or timeline where you can see all your own posts and the comments to your posts. 
-=====   ===== 
-===== Create a post ===== 
-To **create a post or status message**, simply click in the top right on the pencil & paper icon (Frio theme) and a dialog box will appear. In other themes, like "Vier" there might be small box that says "share" and that expands, when you click on it. 
-  * The dialog box gives you some **options for formatting your message**  like bold, italics, underline, inserting urls and so on. 
-  * As well are there buttons to upload e.g. **images**  on one of the dialog box tabs to embedd in your post or message. Just switch to that tab, upload an image. Then click on that image, and it will be inserted in your message. 
-  * In some themes like Frio inserting **urls creates a embedded preview**  (opengraph) of the destination website. 
-  * You also can set your location and define some more attributes for your post or message. 
-===== Permissions ===== 
-Before sending your post, you should ensure that your set the **permissions who can see that post or message** correctly. This is one of the big advantages of friendica over other social networks.let's check this out 
-  - Once you've finished writing your post, click on the padlock icon or **permissions**  tab to select who can see it. 
-  - **If you don't change anything, your post will be public**. So every of your contact will see it and everybody visiting your profile will see it. It will appear as well on the community page of your friendica server 
-  - If you want to **restrict the recipients**, then make sure, your post or message is not public and you insert the contacts or groups with whom you want to share your post or message 
-Make yourself familiar with these possibilities to understand and to control the visibility of what you are writing. 
-<WRAP center round important 60%> 
-And don't forget: everything you send out to the world, is send out to the world. 
-When you're ready to move on, we'll take a look at the [[:docs:quick-start-network|Quick Start Network]] Network Tab