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Database Tables
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^ |[[ | |[[ s | |[[ ers | |[[
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hemes. The current default theme is [[ are numerous others. Have a look at [[|the community contr... button. See the documentation about [[ uke. and don't hesitate to ask in [[|@developers]] or [[https://
Friendica BBCode tags reference
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d;">red</span>%% | | Linked Text | %%[url=]Friendica[/url]%% | %%<a href="" target="external-link">Friendica</a>%% | ==== Image... link to a page on the internet | ''%%[url][/url]%%'' | | Use some text as label for the link | ''%%[url=]Friendica[/url]%%'' | | Add a relative link to
Friendica Administration
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oner. Releases will be announced at the [[|Friendica homepage]] and the announcemen... automatically distributed by the [[|]] account. The development cycle of a new release starts with the ''stabl... r the ''development'' branch of the [[|git repositories]]. After about two month, a /
Where to get started to help improve Friendica
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g Friendica forums: * The main [[|forum for Friendica develop... their way around Friendica in the [[|general support forum]]. Welco... e user interface, please join the [[|forum for Friendica develop... * Let us know about your plans [[|in the dev forum]] Do not w
Friendica Installation
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issues, please let us know via the [[|helper]] or the [[|developer]] forum or [[http... e of Friendica core and the addons from [[|the project homepage
Used Protocols
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Friendicas DFRN Protocol ===== * [[ t with the DFRN specification]] * [[ f the contact request process]] * [[
Developer Documentation
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ity of Friendica, please join the [[|Developer Forum]] on the pro... e team privately you can send a mail to ''info(at)''. ===== API ===== Friendica offers multiple ... themes]] in Friendica. There is a [[|git repository]] fo
Updating Friendica
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iendica is published a release note((on [[|]])) contains details about the updating process of that version specific. Including known cl
Account Basics
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r own server, you can do that too. Visit [[|the Friendica website]] to download the code
How to improve the performance of a Friendica site
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e ====== Feel free to ask in the [[|Friendica support forum]] if y
Filtering your Network Stream
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ionality, please have a look at the [[
Admin Tools
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The following configuration was [[|provi