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Database Tables @docs
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|Post related external links | |[[
Tags and Mentions @docs
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inside messages to indicate “tags” or contextual links to other entities. ===== Mentions ===== People
Using SSL with Friendica @docs
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**: this affects how Friendica generates internal links. If your SSL installation was successful, we recommend “Force all links to SSL” just in case your web server configuratio... bove. - **Force SSL**: This forces all external links to HTTPS, which may solve Mixed-Content issues, b
Connectors @docs
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re installed on your system, select the following links to visit the appropriate settings page and config
FAQ / Friendica @faq
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l> <panel title="How can I upload images, files, links, videos and sound files to posts?">You can upload... lic page via rss you can use one of the following links: The RSS feed of your posts is available at <co