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pes are WebM, MP4, MP3 and OGG. See Wikipedia for more of them [[ e deletion process you won't be able to login any more. Only the administrator of your node can halt thi... address there.</panel> <panel title="Can there be more then one admin for a node?">Yes. You just have to list more then one email address in the ''config/local.conf
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ort-message-on-twitter-pump-io-diaspora-and-a-lot-more/|Send the same short message on Twitter,, Diaspora*… and a lot more]] by Carl Chenet * [[ e/2013/06/17/identi_ca_diaspora_and_friendica_are_more_secure_alternatives_to_facebook.html|How to Block
Where to get started to help improve Friendica @docs
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s, but feel free to use double quotes if it makes more sense (SQL queries, adding tabs and line feeds).... on github! * Try to reproduce a bug that needs more inquiries and write down what you find out. * I
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/wiki/syntax And of course on top of the Editor. More Tools on the Button pane, top of the Editor. Fro
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lowers on Mastodon? To realize this, you can put more then one ''abstract'' section into your posting a
First Steps @docs
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relay servers. To subscribe your node to one (or more) relays, you need to use the command line configu
The Fediverse @docs
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ing**: WriteFreely, Plume, Wordpress-Plugin ==== More Projects and Infos ==== * [[https://the-federa