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ink, you will see the login page of the IRC chat. Now choose a nickname and a chatroom. You can choose ... ccount/verify_credentials.json"; </code> You can now use your Friendica account credentials to login t... addon directory of your friendica installation. Now you can activate the addon globally on the admin ... e addon sidebar, you will find an entry of jappix now (where you can also find twitter, GNU Social and
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om the duepunto theme. These resemble some of the now as unsupported marked themes, that were inherited... _POST['duepuntozero_colorset']); } } Now that this information is set in the database, wha... nt keyword and link to the CSS file of it. Done. Now you can use the variant on your system. But remem... t_aside elements. So the central part of the file now looks like this: <body> <?php if(!em
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ame that will be used to refer to this class from now on. There is [a shared Ethercalc sheet](https://e... nt: ````php namespace Friendica\Core; ```` From now on, the `Config` class can be referred to as `Fri... mespace classes The class file you just moved is now in the `Friendica` namespace, but it probably isn... ... } ```` ## Remove any useless `require` Now that you successfully moved your class to the aut
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m as instructed, and add a small note (optional). Now, wait a bit and they'll accept your request - not... these are real people, and it might take a while. Now you've added one, you're probably lost. Click the
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namespace, you don't have any problem) Let's say now that you need to load some items in a view, maybe... u don't need to do anything else. Going further: now we have a bunch of `*Manager` classes that cause
Quick Start Guide
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t, start with **logging in to your account**. - Now you are looking at your profile page. - The **p
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
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repository]]. ==== I've changed my email address now the admin panel is gone? ==== Have a look into y
Friendica Addon development
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on>_module()`. If this function exists, you will now receive all page requests for `https://my.web.sit
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profile page where you can write on their wall. Now we need to fill it up, the first step, is to <a h
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versation (excluding himself, the conversation is now sent to both Jack and Mary). Messages are sent us
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he moment a release branch is created, develop is now intended for the version after this release**. So
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ction getName() { return self::NAME; } } ``` Now the plugin main file. Here we register and unregi