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e!** ====== Intro ====== If you are running your own Friendica site, you may want to use SSL (https) t... to your provider via an encrypted channel!** ==== Own server ==== If you run your own server, we recommend to check out the [[|["Le... t not all websites support HTTPS yet. Use at your own risk. 3. **Verify SSL**: Enabling this will preve
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
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erts a player to your post. - If you have your own server, you can upload multimedia files via FTP a... s**. They are not included in delivery, and their own posts to you are not imported. However their conv... of the core repository. If you have created your own theme and want to promote it, please feel free to
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iendica and they may follow you (by placing their own Identity Address into your 'Connect' page). ====... Twitter connector installed, and reply using your own status editor. Begin the message with @twitterper
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system you will be developing on. 2. Create your own [GitHub]( account. 3. Fork the... to create and use your own tracking fork on GitHub 5. Run `bin/composer.phar
Friendica Installation
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ion to create and delete fields and tables in its own database. Please check the troubleshooting secti
Quick Start Guide
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or stream or timeline where you can see all your own posts and the comments to your posts. ===== ==
Friendica Templating Documentation
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> where the value may as well be an array by its own. ===== Form Templates ===== ---- To guarantee
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align="left"> This symbol is used to delete your own post or to remove a post of another person from y
Friendica Addon development
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App` initialization to allow addons to load their own configuration file(s) with `App::loadConfigFile()
Account Basics
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hat meets your needs. If you'd like to have your own server, you can do that too. Visit [the Friendica
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ted variant in friendicas database. To make your own variation appear in the menu, all you need to do
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he connection page, it will take you back to your own site where you must then login (if necessary) and
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but doesn't trigger the autoload mechanism on its own. Here are the different ways you can use `use`:
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global/static function/methods, objects use their own class members. Before: ```php class Model {
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ion for specific addons. Addons can define their own default configuration values in `addon/[addon]/co
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