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Friendica Addon development @docs
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nt of your addon file. Here's the structure: ```php /** * Name: {Human-readable name} * Description... ensions may provide for "setup" amd "remove". ## PHP addon hooks Register your addon hooks during ins... is a string and corresponds to a known Friendica PHP hook. `$file` is a pathname relative to the top-... This *should* be 'addon/*addon_name*/*addon_name*.php' in most cases and can be shortened to `__FILE__`
Friendica Installation @de:docs
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in wenig mehr als die normalen Blogs. Nicht jeder PHP/MySQL-Hosting-Anbieter kann Friendica unterstütze... oßen Anzahl an verschiedenen Betriebssystemen und PHP-Plattformen haben wir nur geringe Kapazitäten, um deine PHP-Installation zu debuggen oder fehlende Module zu ... u die ''ssl_policy'' in der ''config/local.config.php'' auf ''0'' setzen //nachdem// der Installations-
Friendica Installation @docs
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the host system than the typical blog. Not every PHP/MySQL hosting provider will be able to support Fr... Due to the large variety of operating systems and PHP platforms in existence we may have only limited ability to debug your PHP installation or acquire any missing modules - but... sl_policy'' to ''0'' in the ''config/local.config.php'' file //after// the installation wizard has been
addons @de:docs
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liegt. Das *sollte* "addon/addon_name/addon_name.php' sein. $function ist ein String und der Name der... info'** - wird aufgerufen nachdem in include/nav,php der Inhalt des Navigations Menüs erzeugt wurde. ... oks, die oben nicht dokumentiert sind. ### index.php Hook::callAll('init_1'); Hook::callAll('... ge_end', DI::page()['content']); ### include/api.php Hook::callAll('logged_in', $a->user); Ho
autoloader @docs
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lable through the whole application through `boot.php`. * [Using Composer](help/Composer) ## A quick ... callback with [`spl_autoload_register()`]( that receives a class name as an argument and includ... onding class definition file. For more info about PHP autoloading, please refer to the [official PHP do
config @docs
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alues that can only be set in config/local.config.php =================================================... iendica's configuration is done in two places: in PHP array configuration files and in the `config` dat... or file configuration is an array returned from a PHP file. This prevents your webserver from displayin... A typical configuration file looks like this: ```php <?php /* * Comment block */ return [ 'sectio
Formatting Syntax @wiki
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s), put the following line in ''conf/lang/en/lang.php'' (more details at [[doku>localization#changing_s... lation|localization]]): <code - conf/lang/en/lang.php> <?php /** * Customization of the english language file * Copy only the strings that needs to be mod... files|images]] (see below) like this: [[|{{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png}}]] [[
Themes @docs
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css sometimes, there is also a file called style.php in the theme directory. This is only needed if th... m in the settings and aome functions in the theme.php file. The template (theme_settings.tpl) {{in... ow to use the template file, by defining a config.php file. It needs to define at least the following f... irectoy and include it in the array in the config.php: $colorset = array( 'default'=>DI::l
settings @de:docs
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t werden. Hierzu muss in der [config/local.config.php](/help/Config) Datei die Option `invitation_only`... sie reguläre UTF-8-Ausdrücke nutzen. Hierfür wird PHP benötigt, um mit einer speziellen Einstellung kom... tergrungprozesse nicht erreicht wird. Sollte die PHP Funktion `proc_open` auf dem Server nicht verfügb... ormalerweise werden Fehler- und Warnmeldungen von PHP unterdrückt. Wenn du sie aktivieren willst, musst
settings @docs
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the `system` section of the [config/local.config.php](/help/Config) file. If you want to use this meth... not allow you to use the `proc_open` function of PHP, please disable it in this section. The tasks fo... om/friendica/friendica/issues/2209)). By default PHP warnings and error messages are suppressed. If yo... ave to activate them in the ``config/local.config.php`` file. Use the following settings to redirect PH
developer-how-to-move-classes-to-src @docs
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r) to manage autoloading. This means that all the PHP class files moved to the `src` folder will be [au... space is expected to be found at `src/Core/Config.php`. * Namespaces can help group classes with a simi... declare the namespace, the file `src/Core/Config.php` must start with the following statement: ````php namespace Friendica\Core; ```` From now on, the `C
Where to get started to help improve Friendica @docs
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lable through the whole application through `boot.php`. If you want to have git automatically update t... r.lock` file gets changed # to update all the php dependencies check_run composer.lock "bin/com... ty, Friendica follows the widespread [[|PSR-2 coding standards]] to th... tions * Boolean operators are `&&` and `||` for PHP conditions, `AND` and `OR` for SQL queries * No
addonstoragebackend @docs
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lemented: namespace Friendica\Model\Storage; ```php interface IStorage { public function get(string ... ectory. Override the two necessary instances: ```php use Friendica\Model\Storage\IStorage; abstract c... will be `addon/samplestorage/SampleStorageBackend.php`: ```php <?php namespace Friendica\Addon\samplestorage; use Friendica\Model\Storage\IStorage; use F
developer-domain-driven-design @docs
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Models and collections to take full advantage of PHP type hints. Before: ```php function doSomething(array $intros) { foreach ($intros as $intro) { ... l_user()]); doSomething($intros); ``` After: ```php function doSomething(\Friendica\Collection\Introd... objects use their own class members. Before: ```php class Model { public $id; function save(
FAQ / Friendica @faq
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l setup works for Friendica?"> Friendica uses the php ''mail()'' command which uses the servers abiliti... encounter problems with the ''mail()'' command of php, you could try this guide to [[https://mediatempl... d/360016044211/troubleshooting-common-issues-with-php-mail|troubleshoot common issues with PHP Mail]]. </panel> <panel title="Can I configure multiple domai
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Friendica translations @docs
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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ @docs
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Vagrant for Friendica Developers @docs
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Updating Friendica @docs
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Friendica Templating Documentation @docs
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