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Settings @docs
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umbers shown are respectively: - The retry queue: These outgoing messages couldn’t be received by the rem... ped entirely after 30 days. - The deferred queue: These internal tasks failed and will be retried at most 14 times. - The task queue: These internal tasks are queued for execution during th... our site. During testing we discovered that since these registrations were automatic, the “Full Name” fie
Groups and Privacy @docs
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merely collections of friends. But Friendica uses these to unlock some very powerful features. ===== Set... can //not// see the post you are about to make.. These can be individual people or groups. On your “Net... lt. ===== Privacy Concerns To Be Aware Of ===== These private conversations work best when your friends... urage your friends to use Friendica - because all these privacy features work much better within a privac
Friendica Installation @docs
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ew the [[#Requirements|requirements]] and confirm these with your hosting provider prior to installation.... tions. Please note any error messages and correct these before continuing. If you need to specify a port... the problem in its error log files. Please review these system error logs to determine what caused the pr... block access to any file with .out at the end, as these are typically used for system logs). Make certai
Themes @docs
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the themes CSS file. In most cases, you can found these in /view/theme/**your-theme-name**/style.css... define color derivations from the duepunto theme. These resemble some of the now as unsupported marked th... it's version and the initial author of the theme. These three pieces of information should be listed. If
FAQ / Friendica @faq
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warns you about a missing or invalid certificate. These warnings can have three reasons: - The server ... e by using the "paper-clip"-symbol in the editor. These files will be linked to your post and can be down... tacts. But it's not possible to get a preview for these items. Because of this, this upload method is onl
Comment, sort and delete posts @docs
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e Posting ===== * **Like** / **Dislike**: With these buttons you can add a like (or dislike) to the po... latform will be shared with all your followers in these platforms. * **Quote Share**: This will open t... Other themes use different icons and layouts for these features, but they are present in all themes. </W
Forums @docs
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w you want to interact with others. Management of these pages can be delegated to other accounts, or a pa... ties. Every page in Friendica has a nickname and these must all be unique. This applies to all forums, w
Connectors @docs
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ate any privacy settings that you have in effect. These messages will also turn up in public searches. S... Please note that you will not be able to reply to these contacts. This feed reader feature will allow yo
Installing Connectors (Twitter/GNU Social) @docs
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ile (config/local.config.php). The ways to obtain these keys vary between the services, but they all requ... ng account on the target service. Once installed, these API keys can usually be shared by all site member
Account Basics @docs
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ut you have the possibility to completely disable these from your Settings page once you have logged in. ... you use your account to manage other accounts and these all have the same email address, please enter the
Friendica Addon development @docs
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randplace’ for a working example of using some of these features. Addons work by intercepting event hooks... number of URL components as additional arguments. These are parsed into the ''%%App\Arguments%%'' object.
Tags and Mentions @docs
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atus support” is activated on the Friendica node. These @-mentions wont be blocked, even if there is no r... t your contacts into groups, you cannot @-mention these groups. But you can select the group in the acces
Friendica Storage Backend Addon development @docs
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ate field * Friendica automatically creates these classes and passes them as argument to the constr... ate field * Friendica automatically creates these classes and passes them as argument to the constr
Making Friends @docs
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ay not work with the identity address. People on these networks can also initiate contact with you, if t
Accesskeys reference @docs
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ple, for moving to profile page in Firefox, press these three keys simultaneously. <code> [Shift] + [Alt
Friendica Templating Documentation @docs
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Filtering your Network Stream @docs
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Data streams & message feeds
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Friendica Message Flow @docs
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