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Friendica Installation @de:docs
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the problem in its error log files. Please review these system error logs to determine what caused the pr... block access to any file with .out at the end, as these are typically used for system logs). Make certai... e server software if you need to change either of these and can not figure out how. There is a lot of hel... > For those sites like Friendica that really need these functions they can be enabled, e.g. in ''/etc/apa
FAQ / Friendica @faq
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warns you about a missing or invalid certificate. These warnings can have three reasons: - The server ... e by using the "paper-clip"-symbol in the editor. These files will be linked to your post and can be down... tacts. But it's not possible to get a preview for these items. Because of this, this upload method is onl
How to post to Lemmy from your Friendica account @docs
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ifferent; anyone can easily run a server, and all these servers are federated (think email), and connecte... from the Fediverse. You can either interact with these postings from your network timeline or select the
First Steps @docs
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, you can subscribe your node to a relay service. These relay services take all public postings from subs
Where to get started to help improve Friendica @docs
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ectory in the Friendica directory. You can browse these files with any browser. If you find missing docu