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Friendica Addon development @docs
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s work by intercepting specific page requests (by URL path). ===== Naming ===== Addon names are used ... ules” and intercept all page requests for a given URL path. In order for a addon to act as a module it ... ps://<addon>%%'' - with any number of URL components as additional arguments. These are par... will reduce the panel to a link pointing to this URL, can be relative. Incompatible with the following
Database Tables @docs
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iendica/src/branch/develop/doc/database/db_parsed_url|parsed_url]] |cache for ‘parse_url’ queries
Settings @docs
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== === Global Directory === This configures the URL to update the global directory, and is supplied i... ' page of the posting, it is the last part of the URL displayed in the browsers navigation bar. You can
ejabberd and prosody XMPP server with synchronized credentials @docs
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<code> authentication = "http_async"; http_auth_url = "