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lable</th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <tr> <td><code>url</code></td> <td>String (URL)</td> <td align="center">No</td> </tr> <tr> <td><code>mimetype</code></td... nter">No</td> </tr> <tr> <td><code>profile_image_url</code></td> <td>String (URL)</td> <td align="center">No</td> </tr> <tr> <td><code>profile_image_url_h
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="color: red;">red</span></td> </tr> <tr> <td>[url=]Friendica[/url]</td> <td><a href="" target="external-link">Friend... h>BBCode</th> <th>Result</th> </tr> <tr> <td>[url][/url]</td> <td><a href=""></a></td> </tr> <tr>
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Entities#Contact) entity for the provided profile URL. #### Parameters - `profileurl`: Profile URL ### GET api/statuses/public_timeline Returns a list o... scale' isn't provided, returned data include full url to each scale of the photo. If 'scale' is set, re... if is profile photo", "link": { "<scale>": "url to image", ... }, // if 'scale' is set "
Friendica Addon development
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s work by intercepting specific page requests (by URL path). ## Naming Addon names are used in file p... ules" and intercept all page requests for a given URL path. In order for a addon to act as a module it ...<addon>` - with any number of URL components as additional arguments. These are par... a corresponding $a->argc indicating the number of URL components. So `
Friendica Installation
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domain (without a directory/path component in the URL) is RECOMMENDED. Directory paths will not be as c... ed into config/local.config.php. * ''FRIENDICA_URL_PATH'' The URL path of Friendica (f.e. ‘/friendica’) * ''FRIENDICA_PHP_PATH'' The path of the PHP bi... atabase (env `MYSQL_DATABASE`) * ''-u|–urlpath <url_path>'' The URL path of Friendica - f.e. '/friend
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
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esn't work, try to add the link by typing: <code>[url=]self-chosen name[/url]</code>. You can also add video and audio files to posts. Ho... an upload multimedia files via FTP and insert the URL. Friendica uses HTML5 for embedding content. The... can do this by adding the `lang` parameter to the url in your url bar. The data in the parameter is a [
Creating posts
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Frio, this is to attach remote content - put in a URL to embed in your post, including video or audio c... "32" alt="chain" align="left"> Add a web address (url). Enter a URL and Friendica will add to your post a link to the url and an excerpt from the web site, if possible. <p
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]normal[/i] content for the posting. With a link [url=]to[/url] and some other text. </code> You don't have to add the abstra... ]normal[/i] content for the posting. With a link [url=]to[/url] and some other text. </code> From this posting, Friendica wil
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to the GNU Social account of choice. * The base URL for the GNU Social API, for this is ht... mber or your website name. * there is no callback url * register a desktop client * with read & write access * the Source URL should be the URL of your Friendica server After the required credentials for the application are sto
Database Tables
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Embed queries | | [parsed_url](help/database/db_parsed_url) | cache for "parse_url" queries | | [participation](help/database/db_pa
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nnect with an OStatus member insert their profile URL or Identity address into the Connect box on your ... feeds, arbitrary web pages ====== ---- Put the URL into the Connect box on your [[https://wiki.frien... figured on your node. If this is the case put the URL of the Twitter member's main page into the Connec
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profile) - Unsupported parameters: - `url` - `location` - `profile_link_col... return value: - `image.friendica_preview_url`: image preview url - [POST api/media/metadata/create](
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people to remember. You *could* also put in the URL of your "home" page, such as "http://demo.friendi... iends across networks. Likwise you can put in the URL to Alice's page, if you wish. Note:... sions of GNU Social software may require the full URL to your profile and may not work with the identit
Two-Factor Authentication
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app. - Click/tap on the provided '' totp:%%/%%/URl''. Ideally your authenticator app should be called with this URL and set up your account - Enter your account se
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th the secure protocol prepended to the requested URL. With Apache, enable the modules rewrite and ssl... th the secure protocol prepended to the requested URL. With Apache, enable the modules rewrite and ssl
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Where to get started to help improve Friendica
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Export / Import of followed Contacts
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Scheduler - time controlled publishing
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