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Friendica Addon development @docs
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henticate', $addon_auth); Hook::callAll('register_account', $uid); Hook::callAll('remove_user', $user); </c
Account Basics @docs
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====== Account Basics ====== ===== Registration ===== Not all Friendica sites allow open registration. If... ID, leave this field blank. If you have an OpenID account elsewhere and wish to use it, enter the address i... is **never** published. We need this to send you account information and your login details. You may also ... tem. This is used in many places to identify your account, and once set it cannot be changed. ==== Directo
User Documentation @docs
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n|Setting up TOTP/2FA security for your Friendica account]] * [[Bot|Bot - How to create a bot to publish ... ler - Publish Content on a selected date]] * [[account_delegation|Account Delegation - Manage multiple accounts from your main account]] * [[Network Filters|Filtering your network st
Comment, sort and delete posts @docs
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shown, if the Dislike-feature is active for your account. * **Comment**: To add a comment to the posting
Database Tables @docs
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mailacct]] |Mail account data for fetching mails
Chats @docs
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database. If configured this way, every Friendica account is also a XMPP/Jabber account and can be used with any XMPP/Jabber client. You can find details about suc
ejabberd and prosody XMPP server with synchronized credentials @docs
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_async"; http_auth_url = ""; </code> You can now use your Friendica account credentials to login to your prosody, there is no need to register a new account on the XMPP server.
Friendica Administration @docs
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//|]] account. The development cycle of a new release starts w
Settings @docs
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odes: * **open**: Everybody can register a new account and start using it right away. * **requires approval**: Everybody can register a new account, but the admin has to approve it before it can be... c, the “Full Name” field was often set to just an account name with no space between first and last name. I... date of last login, date of last posting and the account type. Here the admin can also block/unblock users
How to move your account between servers @docs
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====== How to move your account between servers ====== <WRAP center round important 60%> This is an experi... s” -> “Export personal data” * Click on “Export account” to save your account data. * **Save the file in a secure place!** It contains your details, your contac... ts with an uploaded file. * Do NOT create a new account prior to importing your old settings - uimport sh
Friendica Templating Documentation @docs
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email address'), $adminmail, DI::l10n()->t('Your account email address must match this in order to use the
Remove Account @docs
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====== Remove Account ====== We don't like to see people leave Friendica, but if you need to remove your account, you should visit the URL %% quest. If this matches your stored password, your account will immediately be marked as deleted. There is n... round. We then send out a notification about the account removal to all of your contacts so that they can
Making Friends @docs
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to which your and other Friendica servers submit account information. The first thing you can do is look
Friendica Installation @docs
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eral code issues. If you do not have a Friendica account yet, you can register a temporary one at [[https:... d join the forums mentioned above from there. The account will expire after 7 days, but you can ask the server admin to keep your account longer, should the problem not be resolved after ... it your website again, and register your personal account. Registration errors should all be recoverable au
Accesskeys reference @docs
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- Introductions ===== ../settings ===== * o - Account * p - Profiles * t - Additional features * ... l - Addons * d - Delegations * b - Connected apps * e - Export personal data * r - Remove account
Installing Connectors (Twitter/GNU Social) @docs
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Connectors @docs
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Friendica on GitHub @docs
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Forums @docs
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FAQ / Friendica @faq
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