Friendica Wiki, image showing the project logo and  Flaxy O’Hare the mascot of the project

Hi, i am Flaxy O’Hare, the Mascot of Friendica. Welcome to the wiki of the [[|Friendica Project]]!

This wiki aim to provide helpful resources for all members of the Friendica community, be they users, admins or developers. As newby take at first a look into [[:docs:newhere|newhere]] and read the [[:faq:start|]].

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Information for newcomers </TEXT> </col> <col sm=“4”> <TEXT align=“center”> {{fa>user-o?64&color=#3f658f&align=center}}

User Docs

Help for users of Friendica </TEXT>

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Connect to the Fediverse </TEXT> </col>


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Admin Docs

Help regarding setting up and running a Friendica node </TEXT> </col>

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First Steps

Configure your Friendica </TEXT> </col>

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How to extend Friendica </TEXT> </col>


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Load Friedica </TEXT> </col>

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How to install </TEXT> </col><col sm=“4”> <TEXT align=“center”> {{fa>file-o?64&color=#3f658f&align=center}}


Documentation Index </TEXT> </col> </grid>

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