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Friendica Addon development
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====== Friendica Addon development ====== Please see the sample addon ‘randplace’ for a working example of using some of these features. Addons work by intercepting event hooks - which must be... page requests (by URL path). ===== Naming ===== Addon names are used in file paths and functions names,
Friendica Storage Backend Addon development
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====== Friendica Storage Backend Addon development ====== Storage backends can be added via addons. A storage backend is implemented as a class, an... Class ===== The class must live in ''%%Friendica\Addon\youraddonname%%'' namespace, where ''%%youraddonname%%'' the folder name of your addon. There are two d
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l. As well as an overview of the currently active addons. The list is linked, so you can have quick access to the Addon settings. And finally you are informed about the ... storage backends can be avaiable from third-party addons. If you use those, please refer to the documentation of those addons for further information. Default value is ‘Data
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` holds the current node custom configuration. - `addon.config.php` is optional and holds the custom configuration for specific addons. Addons can define their own default configuration values in `addon/[addon]/config/[addon].config.php` which is loade
Installing Connectors (Twitter/GNU Social)
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ctors (Twitter/GNU Social) ====== Friendica uses addons to provide connectivity to some networks, such as Twitter. There is also a addon to post through to an existing account on a GNU S... te with GNU Social members in general. All three addons require an account on the target network. In add... riendica server. ===== Site Configuration ===== Addons must be installed by the site administrator befo
Friendica translations
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n translated to avoid a scattered experience. For addons, we add support for a language when if we alread... ''view/lang/C/messages.po'' to your branch. ==== Addons ==== If you have the ''friendica-addons'' repository in the ''addon'' directory of your Friendica cloned repository, just run ''bin/run_xgettex
Filtering your Network Stream
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Filtering your Network Stream ====== ===== Filter Addons ===== ==== Content Filter / NSFW ==== The //content filter// addon is a simple filter, that matches words specified ... enshot of the user settings of the content filter addon}} ==== Advanced Content Filter ==== The //advanc... url>''' For a more detailed documentation of the addons functionality, please have a look at the [[https
Developer Documentation
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zations created by the Friendica community. ===== Addon Development ===== You can easily expand the core functionality of Friendica with [[addons:start|addons]]. In the [[docs:addons|Friendica addon development]] article, you'll find information about the addon
Friendica Installation
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or with [[|external]] mail server) ... e of the stable release of Friendica core and the addons from [[ that the version of the Friendica archive and the addons match. Unpack the Friendica files into the root ... w/smarty3 chmod 775 view/smarty3 </code> Get the addons by going into your website folder. <code> cd my
Updating Friendica
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elete the ''path/to/friendica_old'' folder ===== Addons ===== To update Addons from an archive, simply delete the ''path/to/friendica/addon'' and replace it with the provided archive. ====... pull bin/composer.phar install --no-dev The addon tree has to be updated separately like so: c
Friendica BBCode tags reference
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ely the admin of a Friendica node can activate an addon to also support Markdown. How a rich text formatt... the [[|hightlightjs addon]] this information will be used to apply the correct ... = This requires "openstreetmap" or "Google Maps" addon version 1.3 or newer. If the addon isn't activate
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-Design](help/Developer-Domain-Driven-Design) * [Addon Development](help/Addons) * [Theme Development](help/themes) * [Smarty 3 Templates](help/smarty3-templates) * [Storage backend addon](help/AddonStorageBackend) * How To * [Translate Friendica](help/translations) * [Use Composer](help/C
Database Tables
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dica/friendica/src/branch/develop/doc/database/|addon]] |registered addons ... |hook]] |addon hook registry
How to improve the performance of a Friendica site
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nnoDB on MariaDB 10 this speeds up search. ===== Addons ===== Active the following addons: <code> rendertime </code> ==== rendertime ==== This addon doesn’t speed up your system. It helps to analyze
Friendica Templating Documentation
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code> directory. Templates that are only used by addons shall be placed in the <code> /addon/$addonname/templates </code> directory. To render a template use the function //getMarkupTemplate// to
First Steps
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Using Composer
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Admin Tools
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Accesskeys reference
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Bugs and Issues
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