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Database Tables @docs
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dica/friendica/src/branch/develop/doc/database/|addon]] |registered addons ... |hook]] |addon hook registry
Press Room
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tps://|hak5 on addons]] youtube video by * [[ [[|MathJax Addon for Friendika]] by Tobias Diekershoff * [[
Friendica Installation @de:docs
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ler oder [[|externer]] Server) * Ri... iew/smarty3 chmod 755 view/smarty3 </code> Falls Addons installiert werden sollen: Gehe in den Friendica-Ordner <code> cd mywebsite </code> Und die Addon Repository klonst: <code> git clone -b stable addon </code> Um das Addon-Verzei
Friendica Installation @docs
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or with [[|external]] mail server) ... e of the stable release of Friendica core and the addons from [[ that the version of the Friendica archive and the addons match. Unpack the Friendica files into the root ... w/smarty3 chmod 775 view/smarty3 </code> Get the addons by going into your website folder. <code> cd my
How to improve the performance of a Friendica site @docs
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nnoDB on MariaDB 10 this speeds up search. ===== Addons ===== Active the following addons: <code> rendertime </code> ==== rendertime ==== This addon doesn’t speed up your system. It helps to analyze
Abstracts @docs
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latforms it is ''apub''. Developers for connector/addons can define the expected value of the parameter f... ser. The reason is, that Friendica offers various addons to [[docs:network_filters|filter the network str
Friendica Addon development @docs
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====== Friendica Addon development ====== Please see the sample addon ‘randplace’ for a working example of using some of these features. Addons work by intercepting event hooks - which must be... page requests (by URL path). ===== Naming ===== Addon names are used in file paths and functions names,
Chats @docs
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ite * IRC Chat * XMPP/Jabber ===== IRC-Chat Addon ===== After activating the addon, you can find the chat at '''' (if your Friendica nodes
ejabberd and prosody XMPP server with synchronized credentials @docs
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amount of clients. In conjunction with the “xmpp” addon it can be used for a web based chat solution for
Settings @docs
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l. As well as an overview of the currently active addons. The list is linked, so you can have quick access to the Addon settings. And finally you are informed about the ... storage backends can be avaiable from third-party addons. If you use those, please refer to the documentation of those addons for further information. Default value is ‘Data
User Documentation
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>puzzle-piece?64&color=#3f658f&align=center}} [[:addons:start|Addons]] How to extend Friendica </TEXT> </col> </grid> ---- <grid> <col sm="4"> <TEXT align=
Friendica Templating Documentation @docs
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code> directory. Templates that are only used by addons shall be placed in the <code> /addon/$addonname/templates </code> directory. To render a template use the function //getMarkupTemplate// to
Accesskeys reference @docs
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ditional features * w - Social Networks * l - Addons * d - Delegations * b - Connected apps * e
Installing Connectors (Twitter/GNU Social) @docs
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ctors (Twitter/GNU Social) ====== Friendica uses addons to provide connectivity to some networks, such as Twitter. There is also a addon to post through to an existing account on a GNU S... te with GNU Social members in general. All three addons require an account on the target network. In add... riendica server. ===== Site Configuration ===== Addons must be installed by the site administrator befo
Connectors @docs
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o follow a Twitter member, the Twitter-Connector (Addon) needs to be configured on your node. If this is
Developer Documentation @docs
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Using Composer @docs
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Friendica Storage Backend Addon development @docs
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Filtering your Network Stream @docs
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FAQ / Friendica @faq
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Updating Friendica @docs
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Friendica Addons @addons
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Admin Tools @docs
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Friendica BBCode tags reference @docs
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FAQ / Wiki @faq
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First Steps @docs
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Benutzerdokumentation @de
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