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-Comment, sort and delete posts+====== Comment, sort and delete posts ======
-======  ======+This article will guide you through the basic interaction possibilities you have on a posting in your network stream.
-[[https://wiki.friendi.ca/docs|[Home]]]+{{ :docs:friendica-interactionpossibilities.jpg?nolink |Screenshot from the interaction possibilities with a postings (in this case an event), taken from the frio theme}}
-Here you can find an overview of the different ways to comment and sort existing posts. <font inherit/inherit;;#c0392b;;inherit>Attention: we've used the **diabook **theme. If you're using another theme, some of the icons may be different.</font>+===== Buttons below the Posting =====
-<img src="doc/img/diabook.png" width="308" height="42" alt="diabook" >+  * **Like** **Dislike**: With these buttons you can add a like (or dislike) to the posting as quick reaction. The //dislike// button will only be shown, if the Dislike-feature is active for your account. 
 +  * **Comment**: To add a comment to the posting hit this button, the comment editor will then be opened. 
 +  * **Reshare**: The //reshare// feature will send the posting as it is to your followers. The original author will be notified about you resharing their posting. **Note**: The //reshare// will be handled native with the protocol the posting arrived in your stream. This means, postings from Diaspora* will only be shared with that network, while postings from an ActivityPub enabled platform will be shared with all your followers in these platforms.  
 +  * **Quote Share**: This will open the editor for new postings, with a quote of the posting in it. You can now comment on the posting. When publishing the quoted share, a new posting will be created, so all your followers independent of their used platform, will receive your posting, 
 +  * For events you have the special interaction buttons to signal you are **attending**, **not attending** and **maybe attending** to the event. 
 +  * The last item in the button row is a checkbox. With this you can select multiple posting from your network stream to bulk delete all checked postings.
-//The different icons// +===== Items in the "more" menu =====
- +
-<img src="doc/img/post_thumbs_up.png" width="27" height="32" alt="post_thumbs_up.png" align="left" style="padding-bottom: 10px;"> This symbol is used to indicate that you like the post. Click it twice to undo your choice.<p style="clear:both;"></p> +
- +
-<img src="doc/img/post_thumbs_down.png" width="27" height="32" alt="post_thumbs_down.png" align="left" style="padding-bottom: 10px;"> This symbol is used to indicate that you **dislike** the post. Click it twice to undo your choice. <p style="clear:both;"></p> +
- +
-<img src="doc/img/post_share.png" width="27" height="32" alt="post_share.png" align="left" style="padding-bottom: 10px;"> This symbol is used to share a post. A copy of this post will automatically appear in your status editor and add a link to the original post. <p style="clear:both;"></p> +
- +
-<img src="doc/img/post_mark.png" width="27" height="32" alt="post_mark.png" align="left" style="padding-bottom: 10px;"> This symbol is used to mark a post. Marked posts will appear on your network page at the "starred" tab (from "star"). Click it twice to undo your choice. <p style="clear:both;"></p> +
- +
-<img src="doc/img/post_tag.png" width="27" height="41" alt="post_tag.png" align="left" style="padding-bottom: 10px;"> This symbol is used to tag a post with a self-chosen keyword. When you click at the word, you'll get a list of all posts with this tag. Attention: you can't delete the tag once you've set one. <p style="clear:both;"></p> +
- +
-<img src="doc/img/post_categorize.png" width="27" height="32" alt="post_categorize.png" align="left" style="padding-bottom: 20px;"> This symbol is used to categorize posts. Choose an existing folder or create a new one. You'll find the created folder on your network page under the "saved folders" tab. <p style="clear:both;"></p> +
- +
-<img src="doc/img/post_delete.png" width="27" height="32" alt="post_delete.png" align="left"> This symbol is used to delete your own post or to remove a post of another person from your stream. <P style="clear: both;"></p> +
- +
-<img src="doc/img/post_choose.png" width="27" height="32" alt="post_choose.png" align="left"> This symbol is used to choose more than one post to delete in a single step. After selecting all posts, go to the end of the page and click "Delete Selected Items".<P style="clear: both;"></p> +
- +
-**Symbols of other themes** +
- +
-Darkbubble <img src="doc/img/darkbubble.png" alt="darkbubble.png" style="padding-left: 20px; vertical-align:middle;"> +
- +
-Darkzero <img src="doc/img/darkzero.png" alt="darkzero.png" style="padding-left: 35px; vertical-align:middle;"> +
- +
-<span style="padding-left: 10px; font-style:italic;">(incl. more "zero"-themes, slackr, comix, easterbunny, facepark)</span> +
- +
-Dispy <img src="doc/img/dispy.png" alt="dispy.png" style="padding-left: 57px; vertical-align:middle;"> <i>(incl. smoothly, testbubble)</i> +
- +
-Frost Mobile <img src="doc/img/frost.png" alt="frost.png" style="padding-left: 16px; vertical-align:middle;">+
 +  * **Edit**: If you have found an typo in the your posting, this button allows you to fix it. The updated version of the posting will be send to your followers, if it will be displayed depends on the platform they are using.
 +  * **Add Tag**: With this button you can add a //missed tag// to postings of your Friendica using contacts.
 +  * **Save to folder**: Some postings of your contacts are worth archiving. With the //save to folder// feature you can put any posting into a //folder// within Friendica, so that you can find it later again.
 +  * **Pin** / **Unpin**: If you want to have a posting pinned at the top of your postings on your profile page, you can use this button to pin it there. Pinned postings will show the //unpin// option to remove the posting again from the top of your profile.
 +  * **Add star**: With a //star// you can mark an interesting posting for yourself. The original author of the posting or other people on the internet wont get notified about your //star//.
 +  * **Languages**: Friendica detects the language of postings, e.g. to [[docs:network_filters#language_filter|filter]] them. This menu entry will show a dialog showing the languages that were most likely used to write the posting.
 +  * **Delete** (locally or globally): If you want to delete a single posting, you can use this menu entry. Depending of you being the author of the posting, the deletion will be only locally for your own, or globally passed along to your contacts who received the posting.
 +<WRAP center round info 60%>
 +The screenshot in this article was taken from the frio theme. Other themes use different icons and layouts for these features, but they are present in all themes.
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