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FAQ / Friendica @faq
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An overview of all uploaded images is listed at **. On that page, you can al... try to add the link by typing: <code>[url=]self-chosen name[/url]</code>. You can also ... r the separation between url and parameters. For example if you want to see in German you have to add ''?lang=de'' to the URL:
Abstracts @docs
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content for the posting. With a link [url=]to[/url] and some other text. </code> You don't have to add the abstract at the beginning... eter for their connector. So, expanding the above example. <code> [abstract=twit]This is the text that is ... content for the posting. With a link [url=]to[/url] and some other text. </c
Image Descriptions - How to add an description to the images your are posting @docs
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Say, you want to embed the ''image.jpg'' from ''''. The [[docs:bbcode|BBCode]] to add the imag... e an ALT text for it would be: <code>[img=]This is the image description text.
Friendica Installation @de:docs
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ische URL ist zum Beispiel so aussehen: ''''. Diese muss für die Ö... able and point your web browser to <code> </code> This file should be blocked
Scheduler - time controlled publishing @docs
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blish something the moment you've written it. For example, you might want to post a reminder for an event y
First Steps @docs
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mmand. <code>bin/console relay add</code> Afterwards this relay will be l
The Fediverse @docs
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) so that they can interact. You already have an example of this with your telephone. You can communicate
home @docs
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system of your Friendica Node. * When you call you are essentially looking at this page