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Press Room
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ca - A Decentralized Federated Open-Source Social Network That You Can Self-Host]] (EN) video by Danie van ...|How to Install Friendica Social Network Platform on Ubuntu 20.04]] by Hitesh Jethva on Ho... //|Inst
How to post to Lemmy from your Friendica account @docs
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um, it will be shown in the _Forum Widget_ in the Network stream of your Friendica account. Once new thread... can either interact with these postings from your network timeline or select the forum from the widget and
Abstracts @docs
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hat Friendica offers various addons to filter the network stream according to the needs of the users. E.g.
First Steps @docs
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=== Finding interesting contacts in a new social network like the [[docs:thefediverse|Fediverse]] can be h