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How to post to Lemmy from your Friendica account @docs
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iverse]] you can subscribe to Lemmy forums, start new threads in the forums and comment to threads of o... lowlist. ===== Post to Lemmy ===== ==== Start a new thread ==== If you want to start a new thread on a Lemmy forum you address it like forum in Friendica... he Network stream of your Friendica account. Once new threads are created at Lemmy, they will be distri
Where to get started to help improve Friendica @docs
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you spread the word to convince people or design new icons. Whether you feel like an expert or like a ... d Friendica? A good place to start can be to help new people find their way around Friendica in the [[h... n of a few rules. Here's a few primers if you are new to Friendica or to the PSR-2 coding standards: ... No trailing spaces * Array declarations use the new square brackets syntax * Quoting style is singl
FAQ / Wiki @faq
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nge it to EN. </panel> <panel title="Where to put new Content"> Use the overview pages for the [[docs:u... cs:admin|admin]] documentation as entry point for new articles. Link them from there - best start with
Two-Factor Authentication @docs
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you've already used. You can freely regenerate a new set of fresh recovery codes, just be sure to repl
Scheduler - time controlled publishing @docs
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shed. ====== Realisation ====== When you edit a new posting, you can access the scheduler setting in
Press Room
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Jonathan Lamothe * [[|Towards a Greater Federat
First Steps @docs
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Services ===== Finding interesting contacts in a new social network like the [[docs:thefediverse|Fediv
FAQ / Friendica @faq
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not be attempted. (Perhaps the person moved to a new site and removed the old profile.) However unlike
Admin Tools @docs
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for this node newpassword: Set a new password for a given user php2po:
home @docs
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teps * [Account Basics](help/Account-Basics) * [New User Quick Start](help/Quick-Start-guide) * [Cre