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in a different way ## Implemented endpoints - [POST api/oauth/access_token](https://developer.twitter... - `x_auth_username` - `x_auth_mode` - [POST api/oauth/request_token](https://developer.twitte... supported parameter: - `include_email` - [POST api/account/update_profile](https://developer.twi... s-and-users/manage-account-settings/api-reference/post-account-update_profile) - Unsupported paramet
Friendica Addon development @docs
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on to display the form and a `<addon>_addon_admin_post(App $a)` function to process the data from the fo... the live update process (XmlHttpRequest) and on a post preview. No additional data is provided. ## Modu... page body content. They may also contain `<addon>_post(App $a)` which is called before the `<addon>_cont... nt` function and typically handles the results of POST forms. You may also have `<addon>_init(App $a)` w
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iniert und zurückgibt. Sie können auch addon_name_post(App $a) umfassen, welches vor der content-Funktio... fgerufen wird und normalerweise die Resultate der POST-Formulare handhabt. Du kannst ebenso addon_name_i... es Items, bevor es zur Seite hinzugefügt wird **'post_local'** - wird aufgerufen, wenn der Statusbeitra... te: der Seiteninhalt ist bbcode - nicht HTML) **'post_local_end'** - wird aufgerufen, wenn ein lokaler
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ok" > //The different icons// <img src="doc/img/post_thumbs_up.png" width="27" height="32" alt="post_thumbs_up.png" align="left" style="padding-bottom: 10px... This symbol is used to indicate that you like the post. Click it twice to undo your choice.<p style="clear:both;"></p> <img src="doc/img/post_thumbs_down.png" width="27" height="32" alt="post
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iew of the different ways to create and edit your post. One click on the Pencil & Paper icon in the top... or Network page, or the "Share" text box, and the post editor shows up. Below are examples of the post editor in 3 of Friendica's common themes: <figure> <im... g/editor_frio.png" alt="frio editor"> <figcaption>Post editor, with the <b>Frio</b> (popular default) th
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shows all direct answers (excluding the original post) to a given id. #### Parameters * `id`: id of the post * `count`: Items per page (default: 20) * `page`:... sion`](#GET+api%2Fstatusnet%2Fversion). --- ### POST api/friendica/activity/[verb] Add or remove an a... different error returns (default: "false") ### POST/PUT api/direct_messages/new Deprecated Twitter d
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<i>Die einzelnen Symbole</i> <img src="doc/img/post_thumbs_up.png" width="27" height="32" alt="post_thumbs_up.png" align="left" style="padding-bottom: 10px... l. <p style="clear:both;"></p> <img src="doc/img/post_thumbs_down.png" width="27" height="32" alt="post_thumbs_down.png" align="left" style="padding-bottom:
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If you are a member of a community forum, you may post to the forum by including an @-tag in the post mentioning the forum. For example @bicycle would send my post to all members of the group "bicycle" in addition... ill be public for the all internet users. If your post is private you must also explicitly include the g
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endpoints - GET api/account/rate_limit_status - POST api/account/update_profile_image - GET api/accoun... t/verify_credentials - GET api/direct_messages - POST/DELETE api/direct_messages/destroy - POST api/direct_messages/new - GET api/direct_messages/sent - GET api/favorites - POST api/favorites/create/:id - POST api/favorites/des
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=/posts/f16d77b0630f0134740c0cc47a0ea02a]Diaspora post with GUID[/url]</td> <td><a href="/display/f16d... arget="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Diaspora post with GUID</a></td> </tr> <tr> <td>#Friendica</t... <td>[map]</td> <td>Embeds a map centered on the post's location.</td> </tr> </table> ## Abstract for longer posts If you want to spread your post to several third party networks you may have the
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nts to your posts. ===== ===== ===== Create a post ===== To **create a post or status message**, simply click in the top right on the pencil & paper icon... on one of the dialog box tabs to embedd in your post or message. Just switch to that tab, upload an im... location and define some more attributes for your post or message. ===== Permissions ===== Before send
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can select who can see and who can *not* see the post you are about to make.. These can be individual p... sations into different friend circles. **Default Post Privacy** By default, Friendica assumes that you... "public" by default, you can change your default post permissions on your Settings page. You also have the option there to change which groups you post to by default, or to change which group your new
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following functions * theme_content * theme_post and may also define functions for the admin interface * theme_admin * theme_admin_post. theme_content and theme_admin are used to make ... the settings, respectively the admin panel. The _post functions handle the processing of the send form,... t part will be saved in the database by the theme_post function. function theme_post(App $a){
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hias Hellquist * [[|Frie... ] by Gidi Kroon * [[|Friendica - Mei... iali]] (IT) by Cagizero * [[|My part of ... ocial-and-Private-with-Friendica|Developing for a Post-Facebook World - Social and Private with Friendic
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works, such as Twitter. There is also a addon to post through to an existing account on a GNU Social service. You only need this to post to an already existing GNU Social account, but no... l, the addon settings will allow you to select to post your public messages to your GNU Social account (
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