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Friendica Installation @de:docs
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dica-Ordner <code> cd mywebsite </code> Und die Addon Repository klonst: <code> git clone -b stable addon </code> Um das Addon-Verzeichnis aktuell zu halten, solltest du in diesem Pfad ein “git pull”-Befehl eintragen <code> cd meinewebseite/addon git pull </code> Wenn du den Verzeichnispfad auf
FAQ / Friendica @faq
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rson's comments to posts made by your friends. An addon called "blockem" can be installed to collapse/hid... a-addons/src/branch/develop/phpmailer|phpmailer]] addon. If you encounter problems with the ''mail()'' c... a-addons/src/branch/develop/phpmailer|PHPMailer]] addon to use an external SMTP server. </panel> <panel t
FAQ / Wiki @faq
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have admin rights). For testing, try the FireFox addon: and change it to EN. </panel> <panel title=
Press Room
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[[|MathJax Addon for Friendika]] by Tobias Diekershoff * [[
First Steps @docs
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the rules of the instance using the //Impressum// addon and the //Terms of Service// settings in the admin panel. The //Impressum// addon adds an imprint section to the general informatio
Friendica Hackathon 2021 @activitys
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riendica/friendica-addons/labels/Hackathon%202021|addon repository]] (for merged pull requests, you have ... t to work on? * Tobias: Vagrant config, nitter addon, … maybe something in that directi
home @docs
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-Design](help/Developer-Domain-Driven-Design) * [Addon Development](help/Addons) * [Theme Development](... ates](help/smarty3-templates) * [Storage backend addon](help/AddonStorageBackend) * How To * [Translate
Resources @de
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n]] (DE) von Hoergen bei [PeerTube] * Wordpress Addon [[|po
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orials]] (DE) by Hoergen [PeerTube] * Wordpress addon [[|po