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ndica Support forum can be found at The RSS feed of the conve... ng clients: ==== Android ==== * [[|Friendiqa]] (available in G... you can ask the community at the [[|Friendica Support Group]]. If ... nnels to reach out for help: * [[|Friendica Support Forum]] * [[http:
Resources @de
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{{entry>Friendica/Installation;-}} * [[|Schnellanleitung zur Installatio... ion]] (Beispiel Konfigurationen für [[|nginx]], [[ ps://|Fren.Tcl und Friendi.Sh]] von Tony Baldwin * [[
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{{entry>Friendica/Installation;-}} * [[|Quick installation guide for beg... lation]] (sample configurations for [[|nginx]], [[ ps://|Fren.Tcl and Friendi.Sh]] by Tony Baldwin * [[
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**External Resources** * [Main Website]( * Ways to get Support * [Friendica Support Forum]( * [Mailing List Archive]( you can subscribe to the list by sending an email to ``support-req
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he Blog * Latest entries in the [[|Helpers Forum]] * Latest entries in the [[|Developers Forum]] ===== Contact us at ===== * WEB: * IRC: /join #friendica * XMPP: support(at) * Matrix:
Where to get started to help improve Friendica @docs
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g Friendica forums: * The main [[|forum for Friendica develop... their way around Friendica in the [[|general support forum]]. Welco... e user interface, please join the [[|forum for Friendica develop... * Let us know about your plans [[|in the dev forum]] Do not w
Press Room
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iebener]] by Stefan Münz (DE) * [[|A... king in 2017: a review]] by David A. * [[|Hackathon Be... y * [[|Mastodon,, Hubzilla, WeChat, Akasha]] von Peter Mühlbaue
FAQ / Wiki @faq
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e. You can see failed translations [[|here]] (if... ave a note in the "Support Forum" ( and hopefully one of the admins will take car... hen. The Main-Syntax read you here: And of course on top of the Editor
Friendica Installation @de:docs
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tion auffallen, sag uns bitte über [[|helper]] oder das [[|Entwickler Forum]] Bescheid
Benutzerdokumentation @de
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Friendica. Willkommen auf dem Wiki des [[|Friendica Projektes]]! Dies ist das Wiki für ... wnload?64&color=#3f658f&align=center}} [[|Download]] Friendic
Tobias Diekershoff (tobiasd) - Public Page @user
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UG]] and member of the core team of the [[|Friendica]] project. I'm running a Friendica n... ocumentation * Translation * Writing stuff at ===== Node Information ===== * Raspberry P
User Documentation
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f Friendica. Welcome to the wiki of the [[|Friendica Project]]! This wiki aim to provide... wnload?64&color=#3f658f&align=center}} [[|Download]] Load Fri
Scheduler - zeitgesteuerte Veröffentlichung @de:docs
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steuerte Veröffentlichung ======= [[|[Home]]] ====== Aufgabe ====== Aus unter
bot @de:docs
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ediverse]] pusht. ====== ====== [[|[Home]]] ====== Aufgabe ====== Es gibt v
account_delegation @de:docs
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verwaltet werden. ====== ====== [[|[Home]]] ====== Anwendungsfall ====== Au
Friendica Hackathon 2021 @activitys
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user @de:docs
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Imprint and data protection
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