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This is your Suggested Friends page. If you get lost, you can <a href=“help/Quick-Start-makenewfriends”>click this link</a> to bring yourself back here.

This is a bit like the Friend Suggestions page of Facebook. Everybody on this list has agreed that they may be suggested as a friend. This means they're unlikely to refuse an introduction you send, and they want to meet new people too!

See somebody you like the look of? Click the connect button beneath their photograph. This will bring you to the introductions page. Fill in the form as instructed, and add a small note (optional). Now, wait a bit and they'll accept your request - note that these are real people, and it might take a while. Now you've added one, you're probably lost. Click the link at the top of this page to go back to the suggested friends list and add some more.

Feel uncomfortable adding people you don't know? Don't worry - that's where <a href=“help/Quick-Start-groupsandpages”>Groups and Pages</a> come in!

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