Hey people….

About 10 days ago I joined the Twitter exodus and joined Mastodon - and have found my world changing, evolving, softening, broadening, becoming less angst-ridden and more congenial.

And have long hated FB, but had no idea what else was possible. I'm a novelist (do we hashtag here), podcaster, regenerative smallholder with obsessions that range from shamanic practice to animal (and human) behaviour), to modern monetary theory and other ways to shift our economy to something more generative, to transformative politics.

I wrote the Boudica: Dreaming series believing that if we (in the WEIRD world and specifically in my home island of Britannia) knew who we'd been before the Romans came, we could be this again. Kind of worked in a small, local way, but not as I'd imagined. Now I've given up writing historical fiction for Thrutopian fiction - and wondering why anyone creative is writing/making/being anything else. We can't create a generative/regenerative/equitable/viable/flourishing future if we don't have some idea what it looks and feels like. So we who create narratives that evoke a particular look and feel need to be doing so. Dystopias are obvious and lazy and only add to the weight of dread that is already dragging us down. Utopias are, by definition, unattainable. Thrutopias walk us from exactly where we are to where we could be. This (for me) is the future of writing.

So this is me - the podcast (Accidental Gods https://accidentlgods.life) takes us weekly to where the book takes us in more depth. And everything else is aligned to this.

I haven o idea at all how to make links live or anything of that order - if any super-editor knows, please feel free.

Thank you, all


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