Friendica Hackathon 2020

We hacked the whole weekend to create a better experience of Friendica! 😆

Here are some of the things we did:

  • Start a new Wiki (this one)
  • Many software improvements for the next Friendica version.
  Friendica Hackathon 2020
  September 25th to September 27th
  BigBlueButton Conference Room at
  The conference room is "Friendica Hackathon 2020" the password to join is the projects name, all lowercase 9 characters long.
  The conference room will automatically close when there is no activity for a long time.
      17h UTC Initial get together of the participants (the people who want to hack over the weekend)
      18h UTC open round / workshop for Friendica users, developers and other interested people free to join.
      8h / 14h / 18h UTC coffee breaks to talk about developments, projects, brainstorming etc
      8h / 14h UTC coffee breaks to talk about developments, projects, brainstorming etc
      13h UTC Wiki introduction session for people who want to help with the new Friendica Wiki at
      18h UTC closing break to summarize all the things we have done over the weekend.
  What will we work on during the hackathon.
      Friendica Hackathon/Conference/Event Account
      Wiki Site
      Our mascots name is: Flaxy O’Hare
  Things we actually did
      Schedule slide at
      Added examples to advanced content filter (addon #1024)
      python script to convert exported account / backup file (JSON) to a series of text files. Might work but as the export of the data is broken.
      Tickets labeled "Hackathon 2020" in the Friendica tracker
          Friendica Directory
  Things we want to do (or are in dev branch)
      Scheduled Posts
      Gespeicherte Ordner Organisation fertig stellen
      Issue - Advanced Content Filter Löschfunktion einbauen
      Issue - Language Addon - Bilder dürfen nicht interpretiert werden
      Blocking Contacts for users
      Tutorials for coding friendica
      Tutorials for theming / creating issues/feature requests
      Tutorials for using Friendica and explaining stuff like relay servers
      New user guidance like, how to find new contacts (New user widget?)
      Community Page - Infinite Scrolling (#9288)
      Community Page - Filter Widget (Anando is working on that)
      Suche erweitert um + - Operatoren ( ) ist seit der 2020.09 drin
      Maybe some podcast after a release about the release
  Admin Istrator / BUGs n more
  # moved from BBB, else vanished
  #> For Questions contact me:
      BUG: False rights/owner for /Storage in FS
          need a Config for Owner/Group and FS.Rights
      BUG; (may away after last update) Frio Messages are ony in Front of all
          Not useful, must be scroll to top for Menu ... may solved into 2020.09-1, i will see...
      BUGgie: FC Update / Composer Warnings
          eg: Deprecation Notice: Class_Text_LanguageDetectTest AND some more (~24 pieces)
      Simpler BUG notice to the DEV, from the Users of FC
      BUG? XMPP-Plugin, i can't get them to work with ejabberd on same IP
      suggest: First Contact Wiz. with Contacts in some Langs (DE, EN, FR,...) First Contacter can be by Checkbox in Conf, the Langs may in Profile
      I offered Admintance for new Dokuwiki, for the initial Configuration (to Uetzer)
          In access ... DONE
      BUG: Admin-Panel:Addons: The Button 'Load Addons New' are not good shown as is a Link (in Frio)
      Suggest: Show only unknown Messages on Global-Page. Should be configurable in  Admin: Set Def(Y|N|(User_editable_on) on USER-Prefs: (Y|N) And may be shown on Global-Page as Widget/Tabs/.. as Selector [ALL, Friends only, Unknown only]
      Suggest: Mark old Addons as Deprecated? Else some Addons are nor full compatible with actual FC
      Suggest: Wiki (DW Dokiwiki) als zentrale Pflege zu allen Fragen und Hilfen (Allgemeines) und für die FC-Hilfeseiten in verschiedenen Sprachen (Die werden dann direkt nach FC-Hilfe übernommen, UND dürfen nur ein definiertes Set von Markdown enthalten -> Simple-Parser) Vorteil: Stabiles Separates System, wo auch fremde User (bei relative niedriger Hürde) Texte mit korrigieren können. würde verm. auf für mehr Lokalisierung nützen.
      Help-Data-Exchange: Exchange FC with an DW-(Simple)Parser and we can sync the DW-Help with FC
      BUG: are wider than Browser  CSS -Problem
      Suggest: For new User a Hint-Wizzard like 'Did you know ...?' Alternative (or better?) do like this as Autoposts in their Timeline, or New (System-) Contact_Hint_Wizard
      DOKU: Begriffserklärung: Was meint (Community, Global, ..), Kurze Erklärung mit Link zu verwanten Themen
  /Admin Istrator / BUGs n more
  Blog or Friendca posts
  News about the hashtag and relays
  For a long time it has been possible to follow hashtags In Friendca.You can do this easily by typing the hashtag (e.g. #Friendica) in the search field at the top and then clicking on the plus sign on the right side.
  Two things happen. The second one is an improvement over how it used to work.
  1. The saved hashtag search appears on the left side under "Saved Searches".
  2. A so-called relay server is informed that you are interested in posts with this hashtag. The relay server will then deliver articles with this hashtag.
  A relay server simply collects posts submitted from multiple servers. It then forwards these articles to the servers according to the requests and the saved searches. You can think of this as being a bit like a mail sorting center.
  After you have saved such a hashtag search, posts from other accounts on other servers with these hashtags will be delivered to you.
  Neues vom Hashtag und den Relays
  Unter Friendca kann man schon seit langem Hashtags folgen. Das funktioniert ganz einfach, indem man im Suchfeld ganz oben den Hashtag z.B.  #Friendica eingibt und dann auf das Plus-Zeichen rechts daneben klickt.
  Dann passieren zwei Dinge
  1. Die gespeicherte Suche erscheint auf der linken Seite in dem Widget "Gespeicherte Suchen" / "Saved Searches"
  2. Es wird einem sogenannten Relayserver mitgeteilt, dass man an Beiträgen mit diesem Hashtag interessiert ist. Daraufhin werden von diesem Relay Server Beiträge mit diesem Hashtag ausgeliefert.
  Ein Relay Server macht einfach gesagt nichts anderes, als jede Menge Beiträge von  vielen Servern zu sammeln, die sie ihm freiwillig schicken und entsprechend den Anfragen und gespeicherten Suchen Artikel an die jeweiligen Server zu schicken. Das kann man sich so ein bisschen vorstellen, wie ein Postsortierzentrum.
  Searching in Friendica now has some new functionality. You can use it to:
  1. Search for words.
  2. Enter hashtags and then follow them.
  3. Enter account URLs to connect to these accounts.
  Also, since the release of 2020.09 the search has been refined a bit more. You can now specify so-called operators when searching for words and terms. You may be familiar with such operators from popular search engines.
  Here are some examples:
  1. Search for articles in which the words "Hamburg" OR "Berlin" occur. Simply enter the two words separated by a space into the search field: Hamburg Berlin.
  2. Search for articles in which both words "Hamburg" AND "Berlin" occur. The search is: +Hamburg +Berlin.
  3. Search for articles to be searched for in which "Hamburg" occurs, but not "Berlin". The search is: +Hamburg -Berlin.
  4. Search for articles in which "Hamburg" AND "New York" appear, but not "Berlin". The search is: +Hamburg + "New York" -Berlin.
  5. You can also bundle terms: +(Hamburg Paris "New York") -(Berlin Budapest).
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