Twitter API

Friendica provides the following endpoints defined in the official Twitter API reference.

Authentication is the same as described in Using the APIs.

These endpoints use the Friendica API entities.

  • screen_name: The nick name in Friendica is only unique in each network but not for all networks. The users are searched in the following priority: Friendica, StatusNet/GNU Social, Diaspora,, Twitter. If no contact was found by this way, then the first contact is taken.
  • include_entities: Default is false. If set to true then the plain text is formatted so that links are having descriptions.
  • cid: Contact id of the user (important for contact_allow and contact_deny)
  • network: network of the user
  • cursor
  • trim_user
  • contributor_details
  • place_id
  • display_coordinates
  • include_rts: To-Do
  • include_my_retweet: Retweets in Friendica are implemented in a different way
    • Additional parameter:
      • profile_id (optional): Numerical id of the profile for which the image should be used, default is changing the default profile.
    • Unsupported parameters:
      • user_id: Favorites aren’t returned for other users than self
      • screen_name: Favorites aren’t returned for other users than self
    • Additional parameters:
      • since_id: You can use the next_cursor value to load the next page.
      • max_id: You can use the inverse of the previous_cursor value to load the previous page.
    • Unsupported parameter:
      • skip_status: No status is returned even if it isn’t set to true.
    • Caveats:
      • cursor trumps since_id trumps max_id if any combination is provided.
      • user_id must be the ID of a contact associated with a local user account.
      • screen_name must be associated with a local user account.
      • screen_name trumps user_id if both are provided (undocumented Twitter behavior).
    • Will succeed but return an empty array for users hiding their contact lists.
  • Last modified: 2022-06-16 16:09