Database Tables

Table Description
2fa_app_specific_passwordTwo-factor app-specific _password
2fa_recovery_codes Two-factor authentication recovery codes
2fa_trusted_browser Two-factor authentication trusted browsers
addon registered addons
apcontact ActivityPub compatible contacts - used in the ActivityPub implementation
application OAuth application
application-marker Timeline marker
application-token OAuth user token
attach file attachments
cache Stores temporary data
config main configuration storage
contact contact table
contact-relation Contact relations
conv private messages
conversation Raw data and structure information for messages
delayed-post Posts that are about to be distributed at a later time
diaspora-interaction Signed Diaspora Interaction
endpoint ActivityPub endpoints - used in the ActivityPub implementation
event Events
fcontact Diaspora compatible contacts - used in the Diaspora implementation
fsuggest friend suggestion stuff
group privacy groups, group info
group_member privacy groups, member info
gserver Global servers
gserver-tag Tags that the server has subscribed
hook addon hook registry
inbox-status Status of ActivityPub inboxes
item-uri URI and GUID for items
mail private messages
mailacct Mail account data for fetching mails
manage table of accounts that can manage each other
notification notifications
notify [Deprecated] User notifications
oembed cache for OEmbed queries
openwebauth-token Store OpenWebAuth token to verify contacts
parsed_url cache for ‘parse_url’ queries
pconfig personal (per user) configuration storage
photo photo storage
post Structure for all posts
post-category post relation to categories
post-collection Collection of posts
post-content Content for all posts
post-delivery Delivery data for posts for the batch processing
post-delivery-data Delivery data for items
post-history Post history
post-link Post related external links
post-media Attached media
post-question Question
post-question-option Question option
post-tag post relation to tags
post-thread Thread related data
post-thread-user Thread related data per user
post-user User specific post data
post-user-notification User post notifications
process Currently running system processes
profile user profiles data
profile_field Custom profile fields
push_subscriber Used for OStatus: Contains feed subscribers
register registrations requiring admin approval
session web session storage
storage Data stored by Database storage backend
subscription Push Subscription for the API
tag tags and mentions
user The local users
user-contact User specific public contact data
userd Deleted usernames
verb Activity Verbs
worker-ipc Inter process communication between the frontend and the worker
workerqueue Background tasks queue entries
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