A special form of postings are events. The events you and your contacts share can be found at /events on your node. To get there go to your wall and follow the tab “events” Depending on the theme you are using, there might be an additional link from the navigation menu to this page.

The overview page shows the calendar of the current month, plus a few days days at the beginning and the end. Listed are all events for this month, created by you, or shared with you by your contacts, This includes birthday reminders for contacts who share their birthday with you.

From the controls, you can switch between month/week/day view. Flip through the view forwards and backwards. And return to *today*.

To create a new event, you can either follow the link “Create New Event” or double click on the desired box in the calendar in which the event should take place.

With a click on an existing event a pop-up box will be opened which shows you the event. From there you can edit the event or view the event at the source link, if you are the one who created the event.

Following one of the methods mentioned above you reach a form to enter the event data. Fields marked with a * have to be filled.

  • Event Starts: enter the date/time of the start of the event here
  • Event Finishes: enter the finishing date/time for the event here

When you click in one of these fields a pop-up will be opened that allows you to pick the day and the time. If you double clicked on the day box in the calendar these fields will be pre-filled for you. The finishing date/time has to be after the beginning date/time of the event. But you don't have to specify it. If the event is open-ended or the finishing date/time does not matter, just select the box below the two first fields.

  • Adjust for viewer timezone: If you check this box, the beginning and finishing times will automatically converted to the local time according to the timezone setting

This might prevent early birthday wishes, or the panic that you have forgotten the birthday from your buddy at the other side of the world. And similar events.

  • Title: a title for the event
  • Description: a longer description for the event
  • Location: the location the event will took place

These three fields describe your events. In the description and location field you can use BBCode to format the text.

  • Share this event: when this box is checked the ACL will be shown to let you select with whom you wish to share the event. This works just like the controls of any other posting.

When you *Share* the event it will be posted to your wall with the access permissions you've selected. But before you do, you can also *preview* the event in a pop-up box.

When you publish an event, you can choose who shall receive it, as with a regular new posting. The recipients will see the posting about the event in their network-stream. Additionally it will be added to their calendar and thus be shown in their events overview page.

Recipients of the event-posting can comment or dis-/like the event, as with a regular posting. Furthermore they can announce that they will attend, not attend or may-be attend the event with a single click.

If you want to export your public events to ical or csv, you can activate an additional feature in your user settings (Additional features → General Features → Export Public Calendar). Afterwards a link will be shown in the events page of your profile to access the calendar.

  • Last modified: 2021-01-12 18:31