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Common questions for the Wiki, Friendica, …:

Wiki Localize

The localisation of DokuWiki (DW) works with a primary language which is English [EN]. All pages in EN are under the root directory without namespace code. The language localisations are found under the two-letter language namespaces (e.g. de,ru,fr,..) / with a similar structure.

If a page exists for your language selection it will be selected automatically, otherwise it will be shown in the base language - English EN.

If a localised (translated) page is older than the base language, there is a notice at to top of the page. If the localisation does not exist, it will be created from the original page on the first edit.

If you work on pages, first always change the English page, then the localised (translation) page. You can see failed translations here (if you have admin rights).

For testing, try the FireFox addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/languageswitch/ and change it to EN.

Where to put new Content

Use the overview pages for the user and admin documentation as entry point for new articles. Link them from there - best start with an article in English and translate it from there in any language you know in addition.

Wiki Editing

After register, you can see around the Wiki, but for writing (editing) you need an Administrator for give you the rights. Just leave a note in the “Support Forum” (@helpers@forum.friendi.ca) and hopefully one of the admins will take care about your account then.

First steps in DokuWiki writing do in the PlayGround, for testing, etc. And please, cleanup then.

The Main-Syntax read you here: https://wiki.friendi.ca/wiki/syntax And of course on top of the Editor.

More Tools on the Button pane, top of the Editor.

Fro specials, take a look on exist pages or on:

Wiki Namespaces

A Namespace is similary like a Dir-Name. The Organisation of Pages are like a Dir-Tree, with the Pages as File.

All Namespaces and Page-Names must wrote in English. Else we become Problems with the Translations.

Wiki Speech

The speech in the Wiki is held in personal.

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