Scheduler - time controlled publishing

Why is this useful?

For different reasons it might be useful no to publish something the moment you've written it. For example, you might want to post a reminder for an event you've just created. Or you want to ensure a bigger audience (to be awake) so you don't publish the posting far after midnight when you finally finished writing it, but rather during the next morning.

This can be archived with the scheduler to set a fixed time and date when a posting should be published.


When you edit a new posting, you can access the scheduler setting in the permissions tab1). You can set the desired time for publishing the posting either by selecting it in the dialog or by typing the date.

screen-shot: dialog to select the publishing time and date

Intermediate Buffering

After you saved a posting for later publication, you can find it in the “Scheduled Posts” tab of your profile at he /profile/{account-id}/schedule URL. If you want to delete a scheduled posting, you can do so here.

or dialog if you are using a different theme then frio which was used for the screen-shots
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